The Million Dollar Race Question


It is left with you as an individual to answer this question in the best rational way possible.
Here’s a scenario that can help you best answer the question:
Think of people who bring kids into this world and then do terrible things to those kids. In some cases, the kids are murdered by their parents. In other cases, the violent treatment of that child turns him/her into cold-hearted monsters; particularly, criminals. Then comes the backfire when these kids turn on their abusive parents and kill them. Have you answered the question yet? Hate harbors hate; only reconciliation without a bridge of trust coupled with the demonstration of love, respect and value can perhaps permanently eliminate or overturn the course of its continuance.

Ask yourself these questions if you know within yourself that you hate black people:

  • Is it fair to hate another human being because their skin color is different from mine?

  • If even I hate them for whatever their race did to my race; what have my race done to them?

  • How did people of their race get here?

  • How were they treated and did they deserve it?

  • Could I have felt good if I were treated the way they were treated?

  • In all parts of the world, people have fought for their freedom and are still fighting for their freedom. The blacks who were brought unto American soil into slavery fought to not be taken into slavery. They fought to stay in Africa or where ever they originated from. Unfortunately, their assailants captured them and brought them upon this land to be used as human industrial machines for the development of this great America. They had no choice no matter how much they resisted being caught because their assailants came with weapons and other instruments that made their escape impossible.

    They fit the description of unwanted children being brought into an environment against their will and then being mistreated. Unwanted in a sense that a race that didn’t belong, but was apparently needed for reasons non-beneficial to their survival and well-being. For this reason they got used, mistreated, abused, murdered, and trashed. Would you agree that this act of senseless maltreatment fits the scenario above? It is obvious. Hence all the civil right movements that followed. Then were the stories of drugs being implanted in black communities for the purpose of suppressing them, but we’re not gonna to go there.

    The main purpose of white America enslaving black folks was to have them work like cattles to improve America. Did white people have the ability to work on their own farms, railroads, and all other infrastructures the way in which they had the blacks working? Yes! In fact, it came to that as slavery and segregation became a constitutional abomination. So why didn’t white folks just leave the blacks where they were to keep their blood-line and their nation free of black folks? Well, the white folks who are still racist need to go and ask all the slave masters that question. They are to be blamed for all your encounters with the black race. Perhaps you could file a civil lawsuit against them.

    All the whites who still hate black people need to realize that, if the system had not taught many generations before your time how to be hateful towards black people, you wouldn’t have so much hate in your hearts towards them. What has happened has already happened and cannot be undone. As individuals and as humans, someone’s skin color doesn’t make them less of a human than yourself.

    It’s always mind-bugging to hear some white folks rambling about white supremacy when only 2% of the white race is actually supreme while the majority fight alongside with blacks to remain relevant in society. Black people were brought here against their will! Leave them alone and go about your daily lives because it is too late to say they don’t belong here. They are now Americans with kinship deeply rooted within the white race. White America chose to make black people part of them when enslaved black women were being raped and impregnated. Now how dare you try to discriminate, segregate, or alienate a race that is biologically related to people of your own race? That’s a tough one because there are millions of kind-spirited white folks out there who disapprove racism. The only thing you can keep supreme if you’re that damn racist is your bloodline. Other than that, President Obama should be a living proof that you’re fighting a loosing battle.

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