You Control How You Get Treated

In many relationships, how you get treated depends on the level of significance enforced when expressing your likes and dislikes. Many men and women who get mistreated over and over often don’t express their likes and dislikes assertively making known to the offender some ramifications that may follow if the offense is repeated. Being firm is the key, but don’t confuse being firm with aggressiveness. Being firm is meaning what you say and saying what you mean coupled with a behavioral feedback that will let your significant other know that you are not playing. Respectfully going through your emotions will give them an emotional wake up call that will prompt a better behavior on their part.

When your partner is mistreating you, look him/her in the eyes and say-if this is who or what you are, I prefer that this relationship ends right now because this is not what I want. If the interest is mutual, they will do what it takes to safe that relationship.

When a man enters your life and says he wants to be with you, that’s all you need to know to train his love for you. If he truly loves you, he will tailor his behavior to keep you happy. Same goes for women.

If a man/woman doesn’t change his/her behavior the reasons may be: they don’t truly love you, the motive of pursuing you is not in your best interest, their heart is somewhere else, etc. Men and women who find it hard to please their partner are simply a hereditary clone of a male/female in their family who behaves that way. Trying to wait for them to change is like pouring water into a cage and waiting to actually fill the cage with water. Their behavior may also be the result of something in the past, but in this case all they need is some time to heal.

One mistakes a lot of us make is we don’t give ourselves time to heal. If you’re still hurt, the chances of you hurting another person is very high. The absence of passion is bound to destroy love. We all know that between faith, hope and love, love is the greatest of them all. That’s why it is said that love conquers all. Have you noticed that we tend to make the dumbest decisions when we’re hurt? Yes; it’s because we’re so hurt we forget about loving ourselves. People who truly love themselves will be mindful about making decisions that will negatively affect them. Give yourself time to heal so you’re not hurting others. Also keep in mind that hurting others can sometimes backfire.

On the other hand, some people have this selfish spirit they sadly interpret as self-love. That is absolute not self-love. These are the kind of people who perfectly fit the description of a narcissistic egomaniac. Avoid them!

***One thing is for sure; once a woman beater will always be a woman beater and the same goes for cheaters. Remember that you control how you get treated.***

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