Dear People Of Color

Day-in-day-out I turn on the radio trying to bob my head to a few jams, or turn on the TV to tune in and watch a few TV shows acted out by people of color like myself. Though there are many positive things that we do in the media, there are also an outpouring of negative things that continues to cripple our generation across the globe. In this post, I am focused on calling out the negative things that has become acceptable due to our hunger for fame, money, and the sorrowful need to remain relevant in a society where total distraction from reality is evidently becoming a means to an end of the freedom that we all think we have.

Have you ever sat and thought of the impact that the black entertainment industry has on our communities and our youths? Has it occur to you that a lot of black reality shows are way too ghetto fabulous, filled with insane profanities and ratchet behaviors that are totally unhealthy for our youths? Has it occur to you that rap music done by blacks expresses nothing but violence and bunch of offensive disrespectful humiliating rhetoric towards their own? My question is WHY?! Why do we have to be so darn self-destructive mentally and emotionally?! I am not going to sit here and compare us to any other race as though they are better than us. I will straightly speak my mind as a concerned black woman. We can look at the good, bad, ugly, and evil of all races and create this convoluted argument to justify our actions as black folks, but at the end of the day, we stand alone as a race and we will go down together as a race.

We the colored folks need to stop creating an image within the media that places us in this pathetic stigma to be categorized as ratchet. We do it every freaking day like a full-time job plus overtime poisoning the minds of every minor looking up to us as role models.

To the black men doing rap music and not thinking twice about calling your mothers, sisters, and daughters hoes, bitches, sluts, etc and then proudly walk around with this stupid chip on your shoulders as though you’ve made a huge positive difference; who the hell blew out the common sense portion of your brains?
Because common sense will tell you that if your sons see you delivering such message, they are also going to feel that it is okay for them to follow your lead and do the same. You guys rap about violence as though you enjoy seeing our loved ones being murdered in cold blood on the streets by brothers and sisters who are high of off the bulshit your socalled entertainment fill their heads with. What?! Don’t you think what you say in your rap music has a vital influence on what’s going down in the streets? IT DOES MORE THAN ALL THE GADDAMN DRUGS IN THE STREETS! You know why?-Because there is POWER in the TONGUE! What you say will cause more damage than you can phantom.
What is it all worth?-A happy meal like Kanye West said? That’s what I call BLOOD MONEY because you’re committing more crimes than you think. You’re an indirect accomplice and a mastermind of the increasing crime rate in the streets and you do it through your music! Remember that while you sit there enjoying fruits of your oh so hardcore violent labor, we are burying our families because of the initiation your rap music has placed upon our generation.

Not letting you sisters off the hook that easily either. Some of you are worse than the brothers when it comes to things you rap about or say to each other. Y’all sit there and quadruple the insults females are already getting from the brothers. God created us as helpers, but how are we helping our men and children if we are also becoming cheerleaders and partakers of the very act that’s polluting our generation? If you’re a mother riding around playing those very raps and r&b music that’s crippling our children psychologically, you ought to be ashamed because mothers are responsible for educating a nation due to the fact that we are mostly responsible for the nurturing and upbringing of our offsprings. A man is only in the picture to enforce what a mother wants for her child/children and be the breadwinner. What Sally sees, Sally does. Your girls are watching. So what exactly do we want for our little angels? Hear this-if there’s a man in your life who is not there to enforce a positive upbringing of those kids, you have a decision to make until he can come to his senses. There are men who fight to take their kids away from mothers who are not ready to be mothers and I don’t blame them.

One thing that gets to me the most are those videos circulating the internet of black women/girls fighting in the streets while some onlookers videotape at close shot the seconds their private parts becomes exposed for the purpose of making it an online frenzy. Now I know those ladies are dead wrong for their reckless behavior out in the public, but that does not give any cotton picking weirdo the right to videotape them and put it online. We take too much pride in backstabbing and disgracing each other and find it so entertaining. We have no respect for ourselves or each other, but we expect the rest of the world to place us on a pedestal and treat us like humans while we behave like animals? We are the generation of Kings and Queens, but yet behaving like nuisances. We have enslaved ourselves longer than the white man ever enslaved us.

Though there are many underlying circumstances/conditions to be blamed for why some of us go astray or live recklessly, we have the obligation to ourselves as individuals and as adults to rise above all adversities and overcome the odds because there are many who have done so. If we remain subject to conditions and environments that robbed us of a pleasant childhood even in our adulthood, we will continuously be victimized by those conditions and environments. Don’t sit there and say:

  • I started selling drugs because mama and papa did.
  • I joined the gangs because they became the family I never had.
  • I became promiscuous because I got sexually abused and abandoned.
  • I dropped out of high school because of a dysfunctional home.
  • I started using because I felt hopeless.
  • This list goes on, but I got a word for you. Is continuing down the wrong path doing anything good for you? When will you say to yourself, I have to change for me. Don’t make excuses. Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure~Don Wilder and Bill Rechin. Life is much more difficult and meaningless when you choose to give up.

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