Letter To Gossipers

Portrait of a two girls gossip on gray background

Dear gossipers, We do understand that your life depends on gossiping. For this reason, we don't mind you doing it to ...

Is Being The Main Chick Good Enough?


Every woman who proudly defends her position as the main chick ironically becomes a side chick as well whenever her ...

Silent Treatment-Is It Good For A Relationship?

Conflict Between Couple

This is one of the deadliest treatment any man or woman would want to use as way of communicating to your partner that ...

Hilarious Video Playlist You Must Match


Dear People Of Color


Day-in-day-out I turn on the radio trying to bob my head to a few jams, or turn on the TV to tune in and watch a few TV ...

Love, Breakups, and Violence


Some men and women will threaten their ex because of a breakup and some will even go as far as killing their ex. I ...