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Hilarious Video Playlist You Must Match

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Dear People Of Color

Day-in-day-out I turn on the radio trying to bob my head to a few jams, or turn on the TV to tune in and watch a few TV shows acted out by people of color like myself. Though there are many positive things that we do in the media, there are also an outpouring […]

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Love, Breakups, and Violence

Some men and women will threaten their ex because of a breakup and some will even go as far as killing their ex. I don’t get it. I know some people will walk in your life and betray you so carelessly that you would rather see them dead or as miserable as they made you […]

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African Americans Need To Know This

A lot of African Americans have this notion that their brother and sisters from the motherland hates them. Do not allow the mind game played on our enslaved ancestors to continuously have a bearing on your thought process. I mean come on now; they even instigated hatred between a light skin African and a […]

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So You Wanna Kill Yourself?

I hear everyday that people kill themselves because someone broke up with them. I know there are other reasons for which people do commit suicide; however, suicide is just one of those things I wouldn’t wish on anyone for whatsoever reason they deemed worthwhile taking their own lives…but suicide over another human being not […]

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